Rainfalls Wrecked Havoc On Egbe, As Ecological Disaster Threatens Yagba west.


Rainfall  Wrecks Havoc on Egbe, As Ecological Disaster Threathens Yagba West


… Expert Solicit Kogi Government intervention.


The people of Yagba West LGA of Kogi State today experienced an usual downpour of rain yesterday that is threatening ecological disaster of the area.

According to Abiodun David, an Environmental Health and Safety Consultant Kogi State Environmental Protection Board, said considering the effect of previous downpours coupled with the location of Egbe and run off drains, said the ecological impact assessment involvement is necessary to salvage the adverse effects it poses on the City.

According to Abiodun David, Most areas affected include entire Ijagan and Isaba Communities.


He also added that Eleja Road Okuru river culvert and all  residents along the banks were affected including Culvert bridge which is inadequate.


The environmental expert added that Gbogbo River bridge was completely overflown thereby making all Federal road users stocked from passing


The rainstorm he said also washed off Oja Egbe along Pategi and completely caused massive erosion on the road.


He therefore appealed to the Kogi State Government for Ecological intervention as soon as possible to save the area from disaster.

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