#EndSars Protest;  PGDI  Charges Security Agencies to fish out Criminals among Protesters.

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As  the #EndSars Protest continues to take new dimensions in some  parts of the country,  a non Governmental Organisation,  Patriots for Growth and Development Initiative ( PGDI) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the Security Agencies to use legitimate means to arrest the  criminals among the protesters to prevent  the situation from degenerating into anarchy.

  In a   press Conference held on Monday in Lokoja, the Executive Director of the Organisation, Isaac Nasim Salami called on the Government and law enforcement agencies to use their intelligence network  fish out the Criminal elements among the protesters from hijacking the protest.
He said the intention of the youths to file out to the streets was Germaine and necessary, however, the new twist which  has  allegedly been introduced by the fifth columnists, if not checked, the situation  may lead to anarchy .
He noted that the five points agenda of the protesters have been met by the Federal Government, disclosing that  president Muhammadu Buhari has set in motion machinery to address sweeping Reforms of the Nigeria  police force.
He added that the President’s Broadcast of 12/10/2020 addressing the nation on the protest, he immediately disbanded the SARS and  promised to totally overhaul the police , but called for cautions as the reform may take little time to be implemented.
According to him” We clearly understand that the original intentions of the protesting Youths is for an end to SARS infractions and for police reforms. We also affirm the constitutional and democratic rights of every Nigerian to protest , but the violent dimensions that the supposed peaceful protest has taken in the past few days has shown that enemies of the country are at work
” These persons who are masquerading as protesters and are causing havoc to national utilities and properties are only interested in causing security crisis of natural magnitude that will lead to destruction of lives and means of livelihood of Nigerians.
“We therefore see no reasons why the protesters should continue to be on the streets thereby creating opportunities for negative characters to perpetuate anarchy which will lead to threats of lives and property of our people”He said.
While commending  President Muhammadu Buhari for listening to the demands of the protesters ,urged Government at all levels to apply available legal means to fish out those criminals in the cloak of protesters to prevent the situation from getting out of hands.

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