Judge me on these areas of Development , Hon. Emmanuel Ibrahim Complete tells Omala Citizenry.

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As the race to occupy the Chairmanship seat of Omala Local Government Council hots up, Hon. Emmanuel Ibrahim Complete says his itemised areas of Development for Omala shall be his article of faith with the people and urged them to judge him if he gets their mandate.


Our innovative leadership will establish Omala Library and ICT Center. Hardware and software materials will be available at this center.
We shall also upgrade the Government Science School in Abejukolo to a model Science Academy. The science laboratory shall be fully equipped to serve all schools in Omala. A stand-by vehicle shall be provided to enhance free and easy transportation of all science students from any of the schools in any of the communities in Omala.
Our innovative leadership is geared towards easy and effective learning of science in Omala.
There shall be rigorous monitoring and supervision of learning and teaching in our schools. We shall engage competent teachers while those who cannot demonstrate capacity shall be moved to other sectors of our economy that they can fit in.
We shall declare emergency on illiteracy and our non-formal education services shall be revived for efficacy and effectiveness.


We shall maximize the agricultural potentials of Omala L.G.A. by embarking on orchard and plantation and revival of our forestry. We will introduce irrigation agriculture, animal husbandary and establish processing industries for our agricultural produces like cassava, palm oil etc. Omala will move from subsistence to commercial agriculture through our innovative leadership and initiatives that will provide agricultural loans and create market for all our agricultural produce.
We shall provide improved seeds, seedlings, chemicals and machinery for easy agricultural activities. We shall introduce farm village/farm stead.

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Our innovative leadership shall encourage the establishment of community development associations in all our communities. We shall register them and legalize their activities, and partner with them in order to empower them to embark on capital projects for their communities.
We shall establish a committee to develop community development blueprints for all our communities. All our communities will be planned with proper road networks. Streets will be named after men and women who have contributed to the development of the community in exceptional ways.
Roads connecting all our communities will be passable all through the seasons. No community will be cut off from neighboring communities as a result of bad road network. Our leadership initiatives will ensure that we can move freely round Omala at all times.
Abejukolo town will get a facelift. Roads from Ogoh/Echa to GSS shall be completed and streets within Abejukolo town shall be passable. We will not wait for State Government. Our innovative leadership shall do it.
In Abejukolo, we shall build Omala Parks and Garden. This shall be a place for relaxation, recreation and social interactions. There shall also be a town hall and a motor park shall also be built at the parks and Garden.

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The General Hospital at Abejukolo shall be upgraded to a standard (Referral) Hospital in order to handle all emergencies from all communities in Omala and our community/local dispensaries shall also be equipped and staffed to handle simple health challenges while they link up with the Referral Hospital at Abejukolo for complex health issues. Our good network initiatives will make this achievable.
We shall establish a task force on sanitation and make the environmental agencies more effective.


We shall work on the tele-communication service providers to expand their coverage in Omala LGA through installation of more masts.
More than the above, we shall empower our post office to carry out effective courier services. In fact, we shall revamp our postal agencies.


We shall give soft loans at regular intervals to our market women in order to boost their marketing activities and potentials
Also, we will create markets for our agricultural produce and products of our artisans shall have ready markets as all goods produced in Omala will find their ways into the bigger markets outside Omala.
In order to ensure effective commercial activities, we shall work with relevant bodies to restore bank(s) to our communities. The absence of functional banking system has seriously affected the economic life of our communities.

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We shall link up with our federal representatives in order to extend the National grid to all our communities.
We shall subsidize noiseless generators to enable our people to buy thereby lighting up our communities at night.


Our social welfare services shall be properly organized to effectively serve its purposes. The widows, the orphans, exceptional children and other people with special needs shall have improved attention through our innovative leadership.


We shall deepen sport activities in order to promote peaceful co-existence and enhance social interactions. We shall also introduce cultural days and revive our cultural festivals and activities towards peaceful coexistence, and value re-orientation. Furthermore, we shall stem the tide of social vices through enlightenment campaigns.

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