The coming of Jesus Christ, by Pastor Samuel Okpanachi.

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Jesus birth is a significant happening in the life of every believer. His coming brought a change in the order of things and created a turn around in our lives.
His coming is for*:
1. Your Advantage : God has a plan to do you good, to give you an expected end(Jer 29:11). You may not be who people want you to be, but God had you in mind and had a plan for you:
The details of that plan are; a plan to do you good, to secure a future for you and to give you an expected end. You were an object of wrath, you were no longer qualified to enjoy the common wealth of Israel until Jesus was sent(Eph 2:12).
That is worth celebrating because, your status changed when He came and that’s the advantage you have. You might not be very smart, bright or even among the first ten brilliant persons, but He came for you and that’s your advantage.
He came so that the enmity between you and God is taken away, that’s your advantage. His coming made it possible for you to have access to God. His coming is the revelation of the way to the father.
That’s your advantage! It is your advantage because, His coming brought you eternal life: God’s kind of life. You can now share in the life of God through His coming and that is your advantage.
2. Your opportunity (Isaiah 9:1-6): Jesus’ coming took you away from the shadows of death and brought you into the reality of light ( John 1:4). His coming gives you an opportunity to become anything you want that is, to attain your point of desire. The rod of your oppressors was broken because He came. Limitations, struggles and sorrows are represented by the rod of oppressors and His coming broke that rod into pieces and gave an enabling power to move beyond the estimation of men and the devil .
His coming is your opportunity to be different. He came to give you a new government, so that you can have an opportunity to live in peace.
The best celebration of Christmas is inward. Christ needs to find His place in you and that is what makes your Christmas complete . He came so that your life can be wonderful (139:14).
This is worth celebrating. His coming is for your advantage and opportunity. A way and door has been opened to you by His coming. The oppressors rod has been broken by His coming. This celebration brings the reality of these provisions as a natural experience in your life. That is, your mental faculties would be filled with the reason for His coming.
The reason for this season is that your trust and believe in Jesus can be sure. Therefore, in this season,
1. You need to seek Jesus more like zaccheus.(Luke 19): The reality of Christmas is in pursuing Him like never before until salvation reaches you. Let your heart pant after Him until you begin to touch His grace.
2. Believe Him like Nathaniel, He will show you great and mighty things you don’t know.
3. Reverence Him like the Magi that came to see Him: The Star led them to Jesus and they worshipped Him and gave Him gifts from their treasures. You must not lose touch with the star that brings you into God’s presence. You must ensure that the day star leads you until you see Jesus. For when He appears, you will look like Him( Ijohn 3:2 )
4. Treasure Him in your heart like Mary. : when Mary heard those things that the Magi said to her, she treasured it. let no other god or idol survive in your heart, Have Him as your lord. Let Him be the centre of your life. Let His government be the government that rules your life.
I pray that God’s government will increase in your life and cause that all your needs are met, all your sicknesses are taken away, all your sorrows are wiped off and all your infirmities are carried away in Jesus name. I command every yoke of the enemy over your life broken in Jesus name. I declare it is well with you and family. His government increase in your habitation in Jesus name. Amen.
*Worship with us @ SOHP Church, Ganaja Village, Lokoja, Kogi State.* Stay blessed. Merry Christmas to you Beloved!!

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