I had a dream that I will lose a mother, but never expected it suddenly., I prays for salvation of the assailants .– pastor Victor Onuh , nephew to woman burnt alive at Ochadamu, late mrs Achefu Abuh, Victor Onuh.

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Although, death has always been with us which would have become the friend of humanity. Unfortunately , anytime , the mighty death strikes, it hurt to the marrow the closest relations. The nucleus family will have to contend with the scars , the scars becomes more devastating, if the dead is the breadwinner of the entire family.
This analogy depicts a gloomy picture of how the family of Mrs. Salome Acheju Abuh, who was brutally set ablaze in her husband’s country home in Ochadamu , in Ofu LGA , penultimate governorship election in kogi state.
Speaking to AgubaSun.com on the death of a Mrs Salome Acheju Abuh, her nephew whom she brought up, Pastor Victor Onuh, said, he had a dream that her mother will die, but he didn’t know that the death will visit them in a hurry and this cruel manner.
While describing late Mrs Abuh, he stated amidst sobbing that, the late Mrs Abuh hails from Ajobala in Ofu LGA, Kogi State and married to Elder S.B.S. Abuh from Ochadamu , and together they had three girls and a boy.
He added that her aunty, who was a direct junior sister to his mother was in her life time mothers to all in the community , hinting that she was a workaholic, devout Christian , a formidable politician, who once represented Aloji ward as a councillor in Ofu LGA, and Special Assistant in the administration of Captain Idris Wada. She was a business woman & a full time politician in all her lives.
According to the nephew," My Aunty was a woman of large heart, nice heart to all, compassionate and passionate for the development of the youths and the community.
" In fact she cant be in a place without being noticed. You can’t visit her without eating from her table. She brought me up without segregation from her direct children. Oh death has wrecked havoc!
" In her family house in Area 8 in Abuja where she resides, she would wake up early and go out to knock the doors of the people in the neighborhood to ascertain their welfare over the night, and because of her consistency in doing this, some neighbours have to wake up earlier to beat her to the game of being ones keeper." He informed.
While speaking further, he said , his mother told him that he had earlier spoken to her on Sunday and she said she would have followed her husband to Abuja on Sunday but have to wait a bit to ensure she recuperate from the knock she received in the course of the election .
However, " I had a dream within the week , that I will lose a mother, although , I prayed against it, I never knew death would snatch her from us in a hurry .
The man of God noted that instead of praying for the killers to experience the wrath of God, said he has been praying for their salvation since they have already incurred the wrath of God on their heads and children.
On how she was murdered, he said, it depends on who is narrating the incident, since it was an eye witness accounts, which is given to suit their emotions.
Meanwhile, some accounts have it that some thugs who were celebrating Bello’s victory at the Ochadamu village, bolted all exit points of her palatial house and poured petrol all over the building and set it ablaze while shooting sporadically into the building to prevent her escape adding that the woman cried profusely for helps which did not come until she was consumed by the inferno.
According to another account , she was killed by the raiders burgled her properties in the house before setting the house on fire.
Reacting to the gruesome murder, the kogi state, commissioner of police Hakeem Busari stated that, some youths in the village in the course of the APC victory celebration attacked each other and in the process one of them was stabbed to death and in the process one culprits ran into her house and attempt to retaliate set the house ablaze.
He added police has launched high powered investigation into the murder and any one found culpable will be brought to justice.

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